BetterME Coach (BMC)

BetterME Coach (or BMC) is a certified coach accredited by WPI since 2021. The top priority of being a BMC is to have an ability to communicate with yourself and coach yourself to be better and happier every day. We have 50+ BMCs from 17 countries since we launched the certified training program in July 2021 to our meditation teachers. 

BMC Certification Course (BMCCC)

BMC Certification Course (BMCCC) is based on BetterME Model (BMM) which derived from Buddhist philosophy and methodology. The course will be taught by the creator of BMM, Ping Ping Worakate, who has experienced the process of self-reflection and self-develop for over 30 years. BMCCC is an online LIVE course of 12 hours in 4 days/ times (with record videos available) for anyone who love to walk the talk. No need to have any meditation experience or coaching background. It is open too all individuals and organizations.  

What you will learn:

Timeless Curriculum

BMM curriculum articulately designed to deal with disruption era based upon Buddhist philosophy and methodology that stands the test of time.

Necessary soft skills

Develop necessary soft skills such as life skills, people skills, and social skills.

Growth Mindset

A groundbreaking tip for a growth mindset and growth opportunities.

Mental Awakening

An awakening mental exercise and mental detox through the process of meditation and mindfulness.

How to Coach

How to coach to unlock hidden potentials through self-reflection method.  

How to inspire

How to inspire and facilitate changes in goal-setting and habit-breaking to succeed in work and life.

The following topics of learning during the LIVE course.

  1. BetterME Model (BMM): Reflect, Discover, Aware, Accept
  2. Self-reflection Methodology 

  3. Mindset – The Road towards Happiness & Success (STAR)
  4. MEHD Diagram (Meditation, Mindfulness, Habit Development)
  5. Self-limiting Beliefs, Self-love, Self-care
  6. Level up Soft Skills (DRPHE)
  7. Lucky in Game, Lucky in Love (GAS & CORE)
  8. 5 DON’Ts & 5 DOs for Cool Lifestyle

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