BetterMe Exercise

This exercise is for goal-setting purposes and an overview picture of oneself through the self-reflection method of questioning deeply about oneself.

Team-building Exercise

This exercise is to reflect on your self-limting beliefs that affect your work performance on the team or organization. It is good to do it with your colleagues.


This exercise is to identify which qualities we have and do not have. You can reflect it by yourself or ask someone to reflect on you if you are open-minded.

Five-tip Exercises

This exercise is to think deeply about a new habit or routine you want to create. List out one or more and choose the most suitable ones in each box and start it right away. Do it now!


This exercise is to help you reflect on what you lack and in which particular thing or area. So when you look at the whole wheel, you will see better what you should focus on to fix it.

Tips to be professional

This exercise is to analyse and reflect yourself which characteristics you are in and why? You can also ask someone who know you to reflect for you too and compare the result. Try to fix with the one you are lack of for a better self.

Tips for healthy relationship

This exercise is to reflect on our action thoroughly towards people who have impact on our lives. Once we realize about it, we can fix it properly.