Rashid Siruma Olumo

Mindfulness and Meditation Trainer at World Peace Initiative

  • Kenya
  • Active Peace Architect

Rashid Siruma Olumo is a certified meditation and mindfulness trainer originally from Kenya. He holds a Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, specializing in Instrumentation Control. With a keen innovative spirit and a dedication to his work, Rashid embarked on a journey into meditation and mindfulness, formally commencing his practice with WPI in 2023. Through his immersion in meditation, Rashid experienced firsthand its transformative power in achieving inner balance and enhancing the overall quality of life. Meditation became a profound tool for self-discovery, enabling him to clarify his thoughts and perpetually maintain a state of relaxation, peace, and happiness. Recognizing the profound impact that inner peace can have on individuals and society, Rashid is driven by a mission to share these benefits with people worldwide. With a firm belief in the universal applicability of meditation and mindfulness, Rashid endeavours to spread these practices far and wide, fostering a culture of tranquillity and well-being across the globe.

PCAT Nov 2023
Certified Peace Architect since 30 Nov 2023


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  1. Uniting young people in the community


  2. Election report


  3. Helping people the disabled.


Rashid Siruma Olumo in action
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