Juliet Nairam Nakakande

Mindfulness and Meditation Trainer at World Peace Initiative

  • Uganda
  • Active Peace Architect

Nakakande Juliet Nairam is an artist involved in music and dance within vulnerable communities. She collaborates with non-governmental organizations such as Heart of Dance African Rhythm, Ottiwa Kids Foundation, and Kika Dance Troupe, where she has had the opportunity to contribute to various projects benefiting youth, children, and the community as a whole. These initiatives have not only raised awareness of talent but also contributed to mental health improvements, leading to more comfortable livelihoods. Furthermore, Juliet serves as a dance choreographer and teacher in the aforementioned organizations. She is passionate about art, reading, travelling, and nature. In 2023, she attained the role of Mindfulness and Meditation Trainer with the World Peace Initiative Foundation (WPI) after completing international training for African peace club leaders in Thailand. We extend our best wishes to her as she continues her transformative work for the people in her communities and across Africa.

PCAT Nov 2023
Certified Peace Architect since 30 Nov 2023


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