Week 1: Introduction to BetterMe Model and the ultimate solution MEHD?

Better ME Model (BMM) is a solution-based diagram with a holistic approach to help you get out of a trap and set life-goal realistically. MEHD stands for Mind Empowerment and Habit Development which exhibits the 4 aspects of life from the Buddhist philosophy - Health, Love, Work, Happiness (HLWH) - with a practical tool to deal with each aspect effectively.

Week 2: Deal with Health & Happiness Aspects of Life?

5 Acts of self-discipline is a tip towards a building-block of your meditation practice. 5 Universal Goodnesses (UG5) will amplify the body and mind development to be healthy and happy. DR.PHE stands for Discipline, Respect, Patience, Humility, and Empathy which make you admire yourself as another superhero in reality.

Week 3: How to Lucky in Game & Happy in Love?

“4 Tips for a long-lasting relationship” is a magical yet applicable tool in a social distancing environment. “4 stepping stones to improve work performance” is a key for job satisfaction and promotion. Summary of 21 days Evolution to Master your Mindset.
Day 1 : Orientation