21-day Non-stop for the New Episode of Life

Become a Better Version of Yourself

18h 25m
All Levels

What You’ll Learn

Inspired by the notion that it takes 21 days to create a good habit, our 21-day online course focuses on: Meditation, Mindfulness, and Habit Development.

Material Includes

  • Guided Meditation Audios in EnlightenME App (EM App) with different topics
  • A Meditation Journal in EM App which supports Daily Self-reflection to thrive in meditation practice.
  • Daily thought-provoking teachings to inspire and transform a NEW you.
  • Fun Games and Insightful Exercises to provide a deeper understanding
  • Take-away Challenges (homework) to unlock your hidden potential with monitoring process to support your personal growth
  • Additional Free Exercises in EM App to support your Daily Habit Development. For example, BAC for Mindfulness in Action or Discipline game to track your 4 important routines towards success

Course Curriculum

Topics for this course

21 Lessons18h 25m

Week 1: Introduction to BetterMe Model and the ultimate solution MEHD

Day 2 : Meditation 10155:28
Day 3 : How to prepare for Meditation ?1:00:12
Day 4 : Meditation-Introduction to Visualization43:17
Day 5 : Better Me Model (BMM)57:29
Day 6 : Knowing your Self-Limiting Belief58:42
Day 7 : Mind-Empowerment and Habit Development (MEHD) Reflection Exercise1:04:57

Week 2: Deal with Health & Happiness Aspects of Life

Week 3: How to Lucky in Game & Happy in Love

What People Say


Everything was clean and clear. Course Instructors were so nice, clear and wise. I loved every single session and the last week helped me a lot and was a place of support and love for the special moment I am going through. I'm really grateful with this opportunity, with every soul that makes this course take place


The topics in this course were all interesting and related to daily life aspects. I liked it that there were exercises and discussions about the topic, or the opportunity to share experiences with others. In the "GAS" topic, the instructor's perspective itself was very good, and would be a useful tool to have"

Sally Zaghmout Mukarker

I liked the BMM & MEHD topics as those are the topics I lack in my life. The self reflection of my ideal self, the discipline & habit development were all very great topics. It is why I registered in the course in the first place


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